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West East Missions Handclasp!


West East Missions Handclasp is a Christian humanitarian organization committed to working with the needy children, families and communities of the Karen Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand, giving them hope for a better future.

Meet Our Students Needing Sponsors!

Click on each photo to read more about these students!

Become a Sponsor Today!

Sponsor a Student for only $20.00/month!

Your support provides:

  • Accommodation at the Hill Tribes Resource Development Center (HRDC)

  • Food

  • Transportation 

  • Education (through High School)

  • Training at the HRDC in sewing, weaving, dyeing, crocheting, farming, animal husbandry, cooking, milling, baking, music, public speaking and singing.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about sponsoring a student.

98% of every dollar received goes directly to the Students in Thailand!



Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I am helping?

Yes. The child you are helping has just one Sponsor: You. That is why your prayers, letters and support mean so much to your sponsored child. Even if you choose to sponsor a child as a family or a group (for example, a youth group or a Sunday school class), the child you help will still be relating to your family or group as his or her only Sponsor. No other group or individual will also sponsor the child you help.

Sponsor a College Student for only $30.00/month!


Our program has been so successful that many of our students continue to University to further their education!

Become a Donor!


A Donor may give a one-time gift with no further obligation.

Cash donations can be made to support a number of projects:

  • School Supplies

  • Christmas

  • Blankets

  • Special Projects

  • Where Needed Most



We welcome volunteers and encourage sponsors to visit their students in Musikee, Thailand.  Check out our Projects page to see the wonderful work that is accomplished by our volunteers!

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