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Past Projects

Due to the generosity of our Handclasp Donors, these projects have been fully funded and completed!

The information provided below comes directly from our Field Director, Siami.



To:  President and all Directors of Handclasp W.E Mission and all supporters.


Subject:  Thank you letter for Raising Laying Chicken.


Dear Partner in Christ,


Greetings you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  WE are so thankful to God for your  support  to  help us start small business on raising Chicken laying eggs. Now we have already extended the main building and brings more chicken. All the chicken are healthy, WE are hoping that God will help us take care of our chicken, and  able to collect more eggs in the month to come. And children will learn caring the chicken, and will have fresh eggs to eat.


God is so good –I don’t even know How to express our Heartiest Thank for His Love. You are the instrument of God who always show God’s Love to us. We are thankful to God that for giving us a heart to love others who are not lovely and a heart to care those who are neglected by community. We are so thankful that God giving us chance to support them, Praise be to God for speaking to friends and friends of friends, who love God, to support us. God is in control.


Thank you and God bless  you all, May God keep you safe from all deceases.


God bless you and strengthen you




Name of the  Project:

Raising Chicken Laying Eggs



Two years ago, people had donated 25 Chicken Laying Eggs to the center as a trial, we have raised them for two years as a trial. we found out that it is possible to raise more chicken laying eggs for our own consumption and share with the villagers.  


The fresh eggs always better than we got from Chiangmai city, and the villagers also interested to buy from us, but  we have only few chicken to lay eggs , could not product enough to share with the village people.


So we would like to start as a small self supporting  home business – raising  chicken laying eggs to give fresh eggs for us and  the village people.  Two years experiences give us knowledge how to raise the chicken laying  eggs.  


If you give a man a fish he eats a day, if you teach him how to fish and provide equipment he will eat all day and will have something to share with others.


Benefits goes to children and village people:

1.  Children and the village people will enjoy eating fresh eggs.

2.  Children will learn How to raise chicken laying eggs.  

3.  Hoping to get some profit from selling the eggs and feed itself.


Rough Budget to start Raising Laying Chicken:

1.  Renovating and extend the old chicken house:                     65,500.00 Baht

2.  Laying chicken150 Nos. @ 195 Baht per chicken                    29,250.00 Baht            

3.  Food for the chicken till they lay eggs; 20 bags @ 455 Baht   9,100.00 Baht

4.  Vitamin 3 bags @ 150.00 Baht                                                       450.00 Baht

                                                                         Total:                    104,300.00 Baht (3,365 US$)

Timing or Duration:  

The project is ready to start as soon as possible.

Expect from the Project:

After two months hoping to collect 3,600 eggs per month in cash 12,000.00 Baht, This amount will be able to feed themselves and pay for the care taker.


Hope you and others Directors understand the need for the benefit of HRDC, Musekee, Thailand.

HRDC Greenhouse


To:  President and all the Directors of Handclasp W.E Mission including all the people who always pray and giving financial support.

Subject:  Thank you for Building Green House for vegetable in the garden


Dear President and all the Directors of Handclasp including the people who have been making their monetary fund to help us, We are so thankful to God and to all of you for your precious generous gift, With  God and your helping hand’s help we  are still able to continue to work for God's people. Children are able to learn what are important in their daily lives besides the Education – learning to grow vegetable and raising chicken. So we are so happy to have a new Green House where we can grow our own vegetable in a better way.  So Thank you so much for the special effort you make to re-build Green House for us to use.


Now we can start growing organic vegetable for us to eat and we are planning to grow more to share with others too. Eating the organic vegetable will give us good health,  Thank you so much for your great concern for our health too.  Thank you so much for showing God’s Love to us. WE will also learn to share God’s Love to share  with others.


May God bless you more than you can imagine, we found in Ephesus 3:20  -Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.


God bless you,

In His Name



Musekee.                                                                       Dated 26.01.2022

Name of the Project:

Building Green House for Vegetable in the Garden


145 Moo 2, Tambon Jaemluang, A.Galyani Vadhana, Chiangmai Province, Northern Thailand, on the way to Kiaupong village.

Responsible Agency:      

HRDC, Musekee


The old green house that we build is now falling down because the post are not able to hold them anymore.  Through our experiences - growing vegetable in the green house is  always get better product than growing them outside. So we would really wish to build a better and stronger shade house for the vegetable.


Growing our own vegetable is more healthy than buying from the city or outside. Most of the farmers have been using the chemical to get a better product for their crop. So it is not so healthy for the children to eat them. We are always prefer to grow our own vegetable.


1. To grow vegetable.

2. To grow a healthy vegetable for the children to eat.

3. To make an example for the village people.

The need:

The estimate cost to build Green House in the garden is 47,625.00 Baht (1,590.00 USD)

Benefit goes to:

1. Children – Children can eat fresh vegetable.

2. Children can have better health.

3. Villagers can learn from the experiment garden.  


Request  to Handclasp Directors Committee:

Proposed by Dr. Zothansiami Ralte,

In-charge of Hill-Tribes Resources Development Center

Dated:     26th July 2021

Cost Breakdown

Concrete Road at the HRDC Gate


To:     Handclasp President and all the Directors of Handclasp W.E Mission

Subject:  THANK  YOU

Dear the President and all the Directors of Handclasp W.E Mission  including all the people who never give up of helping others, and helping us.  We do not know How to express our Heart Thanks to all of you for what you have done for us. We  really appreciate for always meeting what are needed to improving our center.  


Today I on behalf of the kids and all the staffs would like to Say Thank you for the concrete  cement on the Entrance of HRDC Gate.  Please accept  our word THANK  YOU. Though we have nothing to give you in return of what you have done for us, We pray that the Lord surely give a reward in Heaven. We would like to bless you and ask God to meet all your need and keep you safe and healthy.

Now we will not worry the rainy season, we can walk out from the center to the main road on the top of cement concrete. We really enjoy our entrance concrete road.

May the Goodness and Mercy of God continue to follow you all the days of your life. May God bless you all.

Sincerely in Christ

Siami, staffs and the children of HRDC.

Name of the Project:          

Concrete road in front of the HRDC Gate

Responsible Agency:

HRDC, Musekee


145 Moo 2, Tambon Jaemluang, A.Galyani Vadhana, Chiangmai Province, Northern Thailand.

Map of the location:    

HRDC Entrance


Now the rain season has come, the water from the rain cannot flow out because the entrance road is lower than the village main road. It is necessary to put the concrete road higher than the main road, so that the rain water can flow out easily.


1. To make the HRDC entrance look better.

2. Let the rain water can flow out into the main road.

The need:

The estimate cost for the concrete road is 26,205.00 Baht (874.00 USD)

Benefit goes to:          

1. Children – The Children can walk on the dry road not in the mud and water.

2. It will be make the center look better than before.     


Request to Handclasp Directors Committee: 


Proposed by Dr. Zothansiami Ralte,

In-charge of Hill-Tribes Resources Development Center   

Dated:     26th July 2021

Cost Breakdown







In times of Pandemic, children are still exciting and looking for the Christmas celebration. As we have given Christmas Present every year we would like to prepare Christmas gift and have small party at different villages, because of the Covid 19, it is not possible to meet many people at one time in one place. So we need to prepare to celebrate small Christmas Party for the children at their different villages and give them Christmas present as usual.  So we would like to request for the expenses to celebrate Christmas, Here below are the expect estimate expenditures for Christmas celebration.


Estimate Budget for Christmas celebration:

1.  Christmas gift (Jacket and Blanket)  500 Baht each, 210 children                 105,000.00                                                    

2.  Special gift for the Co-operative Village committee                             

3.  Celebration at 6 places:  Hwuihnamsom, Maenamkhiau, Hwihpooling,

     Maedet, and Musekee center and Dong Sam muan                   

4.  Transportation                                                                                                      12,000.00

                                                                                                            Total:            117,600.00 (US$ 3,775.00)


Prepared by      Zothansiami Ralte.

Special Gift for HRDC staffs



Hill Tribes Resources Development Center



Every year we have gathering, sharing our experiences, exchange idea to improve our work and project. Relaxing together to build a better relationship  among the staffs and workers.  And thanking God and all the sponsors who have been supporting our project for the whole year, Pray for each others and pray for children and their sponsors.


The rough estimate of expenses:

1.  Celebration together                                               25 percent                25,000.00 B   

2.  Visiting the churches during Christmas season     15 percent                15,000.00 B

3.  Giving gift for the staffs                                           60 percent                60,000.00 B

                                                             Grand Total:    100 percent              100,000.00 B (US$ 3226)

Requested by     Zothansiami Ralte

Visiting old people


AT Ban Daen Village and Dong Sam Muen Village (Hmong Tribe)



Every year we have a programme of visiting the old people in the village at different villages, to encourage  them and share the Love of  God with them. Everytime we visited those old people we always received much blessings through them, seeing them with big smile is a big blessing for us and our children too. So we would like to continue to give them joy and happy in their edge of years.

Numbers of people:     

12 people


Cost of visiting:

(Buy stuffs and give them in cash) about @ 1,200 Baht each       14,400.00 Baht

Others expenses including transportation                                      2,500.00 Baht

                                                                                               Total:   16,900.00 Baht (US$ 546 )

Hwuihpooling Village Church



Dear President and all the Directors of Handclasp,


Greetings from Musekee, Northern Thailand, May the Joy and Peace of God continue to flow into your heart and enjoy God’s Love where ever you are. Whatever you have done for others will last forever, the Lord will reward you in Heaven.



I on behalf of  these precious people from Hwuihpooling  Church, Mae Hongson, would like to thank for your support to complete  of their  dream of building  the church, fencing, office and extending the building and the concrete road to the church. They are so excited and  happy, They are sending you many  Blessings upon each of you, May God give you more in return of what you have done for all of us.

We will continue to pray for you, that the Lord will bless all the people who are involved in this ministry and the work for others.

May God bless you all.




Name of the Project:

Building Church Fencing and expansion of the church Building Hwuihpooling. 


Hwuihpooling, Tambon Hwuihpooling, Ampoe Mueng, Mae Hong Som Province


Responsible Agencies:

Hwuihpooling Church and MRDF


Hwuihpooling Village is a big village, many of the villagers are Christian, only few of them are not a believer of True God, They have already built a new Church on the donated land. They are hoping to host the big meeting of the Church Association, Their new building is not big enough and also they need more rooms for office and Sunday School Hall. Their members have already work so hard to built their own church, so now they are in need of expanding their church but not enough financially, as the members are farmer, no regular income. The leaders got together and pray hard – asking God to help them. they have decided to us and request us to help them find a resource to help expand the church and make fencing for the church. 

Hwuihpooling village has a school from Kindergarten to Grade 9, we have one of our staffs to help care for the children at Hwuihpooling School. On Sunday children come to church and need a place where they can study the Word of God. 

The estimate cost for the expansion and fencing is in Thai 517,285.00 Baht (17,242 US $) 

The details of the materials is in the separated attachement. 

We would be so thankful if you can help pray for this special project and help us find a support for the village people. Hoping that expanding the church and make the beautiful fence for the Church building will declare the beauty lo God and also will glorify our Living God. 

In His Name 

Zothansiami Ralte 

Cost Breakdown

West East Missions Handclasp welcomes volunteers and encourages Sponsors and Donors to visit the students in Musikee, Thailand.

While there, depending upon current needs, teams work on several projects to improve living conditions at the HRDC and to share fellowship and the good news of Jesus Christ with neighboring villages.

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Fixing the Plumbing!

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Providing Help to Those in Need!

Hosting a Carnival for a Neighboring Village!

Building Water Storage Tanks!

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