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Mueng Phaeng Church Building


Siami reports that they have finished the concrete floor and are working on the ceiling.  Funding status:

 $21,641 - total cost of project in U.S. Dollars

($  7,000) - 1st payment 

($  7,500) - 2nd payment 

($  3,200) - 3rd payment 

 $  3,941  - balance needed to finish project 

The information provided below comes directly from our Field Director, Siami.

Name of the Project:

Re-building a Church at Mueng Phaeng Village


Mueng Phaeng Village, Tambon Ka ma phat, Ampoe Pai, Maehong son Province


Mae Ping Church and HRDC Musekee


Mueng Phaeng Village is located in the remote area, Pai District. It is about 3 hours drive from HRDC center. It is in Maehong son Province. In the village, there are 130 families living, their population including their children is 600 people. They are the Karen tribe, farming in the rice-field.  There are only 11 Christian families, they had built a church many years ago when there were only 3 Christian families, now they have more families coming to know God, and the small building was not enough and too crowded for them to worship together.


At the same time, the building was built with wood, the wood was eaten by termite, it is falling down. So they have to torn down and need to re-build the church. 


We have supported one Evengelist to witness Gospel to the people and he has been working together with the group of Christian in the village. The Mueng Phaeng Christian fellowship group have been praying hard – asking God to provide for their new Building. Once it is built, there is a hope for more people to come into the new building and worship God together. 


We would like our fellow Christian to pray with us, for us that we can re-build the church as soon as possible. 

Name of the committee:

1. Mr. Narong        

2. Mr. Boontam        

3. Mrs. Acharaporn    

4. Mr. Koh Ae 

Timing:  Starting from January 2021 


The Budget to re-build the church is in Thai baht 649,240.00 Baht  

(21,641 USD) 


The details of the materials for the building is in separated sheet. 


We would be so thankful if you can help pray for this special project and help us find a support for the village people. Hoping that building a better Church building will glorify God’s Name and more people from this village will come to know the True God.  


And all the people who will be willing to involve in this building, the Lord will also continue to bless them  again and again, May God bless you all. 


In His Name 


Zothansiami Ralte 

Voluntteer to reach out people in the remote area. 



Volunteer to Maedet area. 

Cost Breakdown

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